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Architectural Moulding Architectural Moulding
Our diversified collection of architectural moulding is available in the wood and finish of your choice. This may be a perfect choice for a high-end residential project or to add that exquisite touch in hotel suites or public areas.

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Art Decco/Oriental Art Decco/Oriental
Frames that feature elegant geometric lines repeating throughout a sophisticated streamlined design.

Browse Art Decco/Oriental
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Art Nouveau Art Nouveau
Frames inspired by the curvilinear natural forms of entwined vines and flora.

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Contemporary Contemporary
Frames which combine a crisp image with a quality only old-world craftsmenship can offer.

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Decorative/Mirrors Decorative/Mirrors
Our exclusive line of decorative frames that were designed with "MIRRORS" in mind.

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Document & Prints Document & Prints
Gilded frames featuring applied decorative ornamentation beaded lips to accentuate botanical prints and documents.

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Dutch Dutch
These frames are characterized by veneered panels with bold beaded edges and key corners.

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Filligree Filligree
Frames with delicate incised surface ornamentation in the styles of old world Italian or Asian design.

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Genuine Gold Leaf (GGL) Genuine Gold Leaf (GGL)
Frames featuring the exquisite finish of 12, 18 or 22-karat Genuine Gold Leaf or Gold Metal Leaf, a metal alloy which is an economical alternative to Genuine Gold Leaf.

Browse Genuine Gold Leaf (GGL)
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Gold & Silver Leaf Gold & Silver Leaf
Using faux Gold/Silver Leaf, this category offer a lower price compared to the 12K Genuine Gold frames.

Browse Gold & Silver Leaf
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Grand French Grand French
Frames reminiscent of high French style; conveying opulence and importance.

Browse Grand French
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Italian Italian
A range of traditional frames from the basic cassette form of the earliest Italian picture frames to the extravagant high baroque of the late Renaissance.

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Natural Maple Natural Maple

Browse Natural Maple
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Pleine Aire Pleine Aire
Arts and Crafts inspired flat panel gilded frames with hand carved corner ornamentation designed to enhance landscapes painted in outdoor light.

Browse Pleine Aire
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Spanish Spanish
Frames with bold carving designed to communicate a sense of drama and movement.

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Tropical Tropical

Browse Tropical
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Veneers Veneers
Thin layer of specialty woods in a variety of grains applied to the surface of the frame.

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